Maglificio Marilina obtained certification through BUREAU VERITAS in January.  This company is known for its reliability and authority.

SA 8000 regulations aim to enable the establishment of a management system for Social Responsibility and the company's human resources.

The main purpose of the SA 8000 (abbreviation of Social Accountability 8000) is to measure a company's ethical capability and constitutes the first standard of this type certifiable by a third party.

SA 8000 certification enables companies to be "accredited" in society, and at the same time be a "good citizen". This enables companies to gain the confidence of various interested categories, and be appreciated as a reliable partner in terms of trade.

Its implementation is to accommodate the needs expressed both by businesses (absolute quality and ethical transparency of its production process) and from other external parties (suppliers, customers, consumers and their associations, public institutions, environmentalists and humanitarian groups, NGOs, and the media) who are demanding more information on product processes .

Obtaining certification means being checked every six months for the respect of human rights, labour regulations, safety and the environment, as well as on an internal management system designed to monitor the internal standards and those of its supply chain.

Please find attached our certificate that represents the certificate of our quality and accountability from a social perspective.

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