Vocabolo Case Sparse 48/F, Magione (Perugia)

Maglificio Marilina - shop entrance
Maglificio Marilina - shop interior


Maglificio Marilina produces its own label, and sells directly from its factory outlet, from the ground floor of the company, in Via Case Sparse 48/F Magione (PG), close to the UniEuro building.

Knitwear for both men and women has a minimalist style, elegant and precious in its simplicity. The strength of our garments lies in their quality of materials and workmanship.

Please find below some information regarding the garments we manufacture and how to look after them properly.


Peeling means the appearance of tiny "balls" on the surface of a garment caused by the rubbing of tiny fibres that escape from the thread because they were not completely fixed by its spinning.
Peeling is often wrongly considered as being a defect. In fact, this is a common feature and completely normal for cashmere and fine wool.
When manufacturing with pure knitted cashmere, there will always be trade-offs: there is always the dilemma of choosing between favouring softness or tightening the spinning, to prevent the release of those fibres, which cause peeling with continuous use. The more the wire is spun, the more closed it becomes, and therefore it loses softness and swells, to the point of looking like a string. On the contrary, a swollen yarn, which is soft and light, obtained by fewer twists during spinning, will give a delicate weave, that risks being ruined within a short time.


  • Never wear a sweater more than 2/3 days in a row.
  • Wash it as often as possible, cashmere loves water! Goats live in difficult conditions and often outdoors in the rain. Fibres react by loosening when soaked, upon drying they return to their original state. In this way, your cashmere sweater will be renewed at every wash.
  • What you wear over each knitwear garment should have a smooth surface, with labels and accessories not particularly prominent. We recommend taking care in daily routines, even the most normal ones: for example, do not carry a pen or hard objects in your pockets to avoid the peeling phenomenon as much as possible. Our own morphology and our habits have a decisive influence on the life-span of
    our jerseys.
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